What we do

We make purchasing of small diamonds transparent through comparative costings, wherein leading manufacturers set their own prices but are governed by strict certifying standards; thereby empowering consumers to choose wisely and economically, specific, need based sizes, and qualities, online in the comfort of their own environment.

  • State of the Art Laboratory

    An in-house state of the art classification facility, is in place, with the most modern diamond assorting and verification equipment, under the keen eye of an experienced senior gemologist, having years of experience in the assortment of stars and melees. Our pledge is to be the most accurate, honest, and consistent classification, which shall remain our hallmark.

  • Packaging

    Have specially developed an unique tamper proof packing solution, which is both, elegant and user-friendly.

    Initial product offer is for three qualities (VVS1/VVS2, VS1/VS2, and SI1/SI2), two colors (DEF and GH), twenty nine sizes (+000 to -14) in package quantities of 0.25 cents, 0.50 cents and 1.00 carat. Thereby enabling you to buy a 0.25 cents, 0.50 cents or a 1.00 carat packet in any of these qualities, colors and half sieve sizes.