About Us

Story behind Star Melee

Ancient folk-lore believes that a Diamond is the heart of an extinct ‘Star’ and Melee comes from the French word ‘Melee’ for mixed. Diamonds in Star Melee range, as they are called, are mainly used for their aesthetic, symbolic and status value, for emotional and subjective reasons, as accent stones, in the diamond jewellery, and as luxury accessories for pronounced glamour, and value addition. Think of Star Melee, as a medium empowering your ability, to buy small diamonds, in the most transparent and honest manner.

Our Mission

Make it honestly easy to buy small diamonds. Our mission is to create an e-commerce platform where small fine diamonds can be bought online in the size and quantity required, directly from the leading manufacturers of the world, simply with the touch of a button!

Trustworthy and Certified Diamonds

All the diamonds coming through Star Melee, from all the big brands, goes through a process of
Sizing – Assorting – Natural Diamond Testing – Certifying – Tamper-Proof Packaging